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If a designer is creating a logotype for an organization or business he or she needs to know about the organization’s publics. According to the textbook “Strategic Publications” Designing for Target Publics, by Linda P. Morton, “This could include internal publics like faculty, staff and students and external publics like legislators, students, parents and city leaders.”

They also have to figure out a combination of type and art to make a symbol that is imaginative, original and appropriate for the organization. When selecting a font a designer should choose one that “complements the personality” of the business or organization they are working for.

As for the size of the fonts being used it depends on what they are being used for. If you’re designing a business card obviously the font has to make a bigger impact considering the font will be smaller in proportion to the card. Designers should try to stay within the 7 to 8 point range for text and 12-15 points for their company’s name. For brochures however, stick with a 12 point font for text and a 14 point font for headings.

To find free fonts on the Internet check out this website. It has 1000s of fonts to choose from and it helps that they are all FREE!!http://www.dafont.com/

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ZTA Sisterhood

I’ve told you about Zeta Tau Alpha’s various philanthropy events, but what do these girls do just for fun? There are a number of things such as, socials, formals, dinner nights, etc…. However, they also have sisterhoods.

What exactly is a sisterhood? Sisterhoods are simply a way for all the sisters of a chapter to come together and spend a couple hours hanging out while doing an activity.

Last night for example, was the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere. The ladies of ZTA decided this was a perfect occasion for a sisterhood. All the girls came to the Zeta house at 9:00 p.m. to tune into the show and catch up on what’s going on in each other’s lives while they wrote letters to the troops overseas.


Not only is this an opportunity to spend quality time together, but there is always a service project going on to help others in the community and the world. Sisterhoods build a firmer foundation for friendship and deepen the bond that these women share. The girls of ZTA  have a sisterhood at least once a month. Sometimes they’ll go see a movie, or go make pottery. Other times they’ll go on a destination sisterhood to the beach, or a pool retreat that’s a bit closer to town.

A small event like this can benefit a chapter in big ways. All-in-all sisterhoods round out the sorority experience and make it a worthwhile.

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A brochure for my client would be targeted at various audiences or publics. Depending on what the content of the brochure is determines who the public or publics are.

 If, for example, I develop a brochure for the upcoming spring recruitment I would be targeting young college women that have already expressed interest in rush, and would like to be a part of a sorority like Zeta Tau Alpha. They would be women that other ZTAs have met, and know would be a good asset to the chapter.

The content of the brochure would be explaining the basics of the sorority–such as, sisterhood, symbols, colors, philanthropy, social events, etc…. However, if I were to be sending this brochure to parents the content might be a bit different. It would still explain the bottom line information, but it would also have financial responsibilities, time requirements, information about the meal plan, etc….The design of the brochure would stay the same for the most part, but the content would definitely vary somewhat.

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Difficult issues are facing young high school women on a daily basis. Eating disorders, sexual abuse, alcohol and drug abuse, poor decision making, and peer pressure just to name a few. So what are the women of GSU in Zeta Tau Alpha and Kappa Delta doing to help this problem??? Stand Up! Stand Out!

Stand Up! Stand Out! is a national program organized between ZTA and KD. Their mission: to challenge these women to become confident leaders. To stand up for what is right and to overcome obstacles and to stick to their values. Providing positive college role models to look up to and learn from.

According to www.zetataualpha.org “Stand up! Stand out! is a program to reinvigorate your self confidence and empower the women in your chapter or Greek system! It is designed to be a fun, interactive, and educational presentation for women on your campus.”

ZTA and KD at GSU are utilizing this program in a slightly different way. Instead of doing this within the Greek system they have branched out to the local high schools in the Statesboro area. Roughly one Friday per month they team together and visit the schools to spend some quality time with groups of senior girls. They discuss the tough issues the young women are dealing with while offering meaningful and insightful advice on how to cope.

These small steps make all the difference to the young women of the high schools in the area. Just another example of Greek like at GSU reaching out the community and “inspiring confidence” in or future leaders.

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Design with CRAP: contrast, repetition,alignment, and proximity.

I chose contrast because it is the most important attraction on a page or layout. According to Robin Williams [not the comedian] you should ask yourself “Can you see the difference between your content, ads, headings, body copy and comments?”

If so you’re probably in good shape with your design.  However, if your content and headings are blurring together and your audience is having trouble reading/ comprehending your message you may want to look into utilizing the C in CRAP.

As Williams says “The idea behind contrast is to avoid elements on the page that are merely similar. If the elements (type, color, size, line thickness, shape, space, etc.) are not the same, then make them very different.”


PRCA 3339

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